TBird MD Drone 1

The T Bird is 60 feet long and 20 feet wide with a capacity of 26 anglers. 2 day and 2.5 day trips are limited to 24 anglers. Below deck the bunks are comfortable with great air circulation. The boat has a large bait capacity and a chilled fish hold. The rail is the perfect height for fighting large game fish with "rail rods." There are very few boats in the fleet with as much tackle storage for anglers as the T Bird. There are two bathrooms, and one has a shower. The T Bird has a full galley that serves high quality breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The galley is also packed with snacks, candy, soda, beer, water, and coffee.



Built in 1960 the T Bird originally served anglers out of Newport Beach and was called "The Thunderbird." Back then the boat mainly fished Catalina island and San Clemente island. After decades of service in Orange County the boat was purchased by its current owners Kenny Dean and Tyler Hill. The boat was then renamed "The T Bird" and it began a new chapter fishing out of the "World Renowned Point Loma" where it now targets a larger more productive fishery.



Tyler Hill

Captain & Co-Owner

Tyler has been obsessed with fishing since a young age and has many years experience as a captain both commercial & sport. Getting anglers hooked up is his number 1 priority and the results prove that. 


Kenny Dean


Kenny Dean is a lifelong fisherman that always dreamed of owning a sportfishing boat. When the opportunity arose to purchase the T Bird Kenny and Tyler jumped on it like a bluefin on a bait ball! Kenny's number 1 priority is to make sure his passengers receive the best service while onboard.


The T Bird Galley seats 12 anglers at a time and serves only crowd pleasing food. From breakfast burritos to eggs benedict and from burgers to prime rib nobody goes home hungry!